If you are moved to support our mission, we invite you to consider donating to our cause—ending animal suffering. Instead of giving something back to this project, we want to contribute all donations to help fund effective and evidence-based initiatives that make a real difference. We recommend donating to Animal Charity Evaluators, an organization dedicated to maximizing the impact of your generosity. You can donate here. Together, we can make a significant impact in the fight against animal cruelty. Thank you for your support. ❤️


We believe that the animal rights movement needs to be organized. The way things are going, platforms like Facebook are always going to control our apps, services, and event data because we don't run them ourselves.

The idea was born when we had the idea to create a collaborative calendar where people could manually add events, and then activists and friends could see updated information about time, location, and other details as they were updated. We've built this new stack to give people a single, integrated tool for communicating and building community - a tool they can trust, a tool they don't have to share their data with. We want to move beyond the use of platforms that collect user data, that are overloaded and cluttered with unnecessary design elements that don't add anything to effectiveness, but only slow down the experience for activists. They will use more mobile data, and the servers that serve it all will be less efficient.

The only way out of this mess is a completely new platform designed with autonomy and privacy in mind.

Introducing The Animal Rights Calendar

The Animal Rights Calendar is a platform that prioritizes minimalism and non-intrusiveness. It is built for longevity, ensuring privacy, speed, and scalability.

  1. Users can conveniently access all their events in one place, without having to log into Facebook, Instagram, or give their data to big data companies.
  2. They have the ability to subscribe to a calendar of all events or events from specific groups. This is a game changer because it eliminates the need to constantly check different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp for event updates. With a quick glance at their calendar on their phone, they can plan their activities and even reschedule if necessary.
  3. The app features a map where users can search for and view events in their area. Events are automatically geocoded, making it easy to search for events within a radius of a specific point or region, increasing the accessibility and convenience of finding and attending events.

Event Eligibility

The Animal Rights Calendar only lists events hosted by organizations that are active in the animal rights movement. Events must be directly related to animal rights issues. Eligibility is determined by the hosting organization's active involvement in animal rights issues, not necessarily its history of past events. For example, a dinner hosted by an organization that regularly engages in animal rights activities would be acceptable. However, a conference on plant-based diets hosted by an organization not actively involved in animal welfare would not be eligible.