Cathedral of Truth: Köln

-> Bahnhofsvorplatz (Hauptbahnhof Köln)
===Special Event=== Like every year, we want to be present as big as possible in cologne this year. We are planning to have a 100 plus people active for the day for the animals to hold as much non-vegans accountable as we can! Join the Volunteer Group: Stay updated on chapter activities by joining the volunteer group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/145416939398176/ Equipment Provided: Masks, signs, and outreach cards are provided by the organizers. Clothing: Wear weather-appropriate, plain black or AV-branded clothing without graphics or logos from other organizations or brands. No animal-derived clothing or fake fur allowed. Personal Belongings: Avoid bringing bags or personal belongings unless absolutely necessary. You'll be responsible for any items you bring.