AV United Germany 3: München

-> TBD
===Special Event=== After launch of th new chapter in Munich at the end of 2023, we unite another time for a big Cube in Germany and want to align as many chapters as possible! We are planning to have over 50 people active for the day for the animals to hold as much non-vegans accountable as we can! Theses events are perfect for connecting within the vegan activism movement! Join the Volunteer Group: Stay updated on chapter activities by joining the volunteer group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/105129960061420 Equipment Provided: Masks, signs, and outreach cards are provided by the organizers. Clothing: Wear weather-appropriate, plain black or AV-branded clothing without graphics or logos from other organizations or brands. No animal-derived clothing or fake fur allowed. Personal Belongings: Avoid bringing bags or personal belongings unless absolutely necessary. You'll be responsible for any items you bring.