Taking Action for Animals 2024

-> Washington, DC, USA
This event was pulled from connectforanimals. Please verify the details before attending. End time is an estimate. The leading national conference in animal advocacy Taking Action for Animals (TAFA) brings together Humane Society of the United States volunteers, advocates and animal welfare organizations from across the country for one shared goal: to better the lives of animals and people alike. We’ll be returning to DC for TAFA 2024 from July 19 to 22. Registration for the full conference is just $120! TAFA is an event where attendees can come together and learn not only how to strategically work for a more humane world, but also how to talk with legislators. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to encourage your legislators to support important animal welfare legislation, including bills such as the including bills such as the Puppy Protection Act and the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act. At TAFA, you can gain a better understanding of the many issues animals face in our society and learn how to take action in your community through lobbying, education and other citizen advocacy. Learn how to enact policies and support legislation to protect animals on the local, state and federal level, plus how to work with community members to further the animal welfare movement. Stay tuned both here and in our Facebook group for important event updates. Be sure to share your excitement with other animal lovers using #TakingActionForAnimals on social media! You can also sign up to be the first to hear about important TAFA news and updates and receive a special TAFA registration discount.