UFAW International Animal Welfare Conference 2024

-> Praça de Gomes Teixeira, 4050 Porto, Portugal
This event was pulled from connectforanimals. Please verify the details before attending. End time is an estimate. A fundamental element of UFAW’s mission is the dissemination of evidence-based animal welfare information, so we are delighted to be holding our annual conference on 10 – 11 July 2024 in Porto, Portugal. This conference will serve as a platform for a diverse array of presentations encompassing all areas of animal welfare science and feature both talks and posters. Hosting the conference in-person will facilitate valuable networking and collaboration opportunities, however we acknowledge that logistical constraints may prevent some of our colleagues from attending in person. To ensure that the latest developments in animal welfare science are open to all, we will also be making the talks and poster presentations available online. The conference will include both talks and poster presentations, alongside keynote presentations including: Professor Clare Palmer (Texas A&M University, USA) This event will be of interest to the growing international community concerned with animal welfare and to those working on biomedical research, food animal production, slaughter and companion animal rehabilitation, captive wild animals and policy makers. Call for abstracts We welcome contributions that explore one or more of the disciplines that inform our understanding of animals and their welfare, including applied ethology, veterinary science, physiology and policy. Contributions can take one of the following formats: Talk (15 minutes plus 5 minutes questions) Short talk (3 minutes plus 2 minutes questions) Poster When submitting the abstract you will be asked for its title, preferred format of presentation, the name and contact details of all contributors and information on the ethical oversight of the work undertaken. Abstracts should be in English and not exceed 400 words. Abstracts will be assessed on their scientific and animal welfare merits. If accepted, you may be asked to present in a format different to your preferred one. If you are accepted for a talk or poster, you will be required to register and attend the conference in person to present your findings. To submit an abstract, please click here. Abstract submission deadline – 1 February 2024 Conference timetable Deadline for submission of abstracts – 1 February 2024 Registration opens – 16 February 2024 Notification of abstract acceptance – by 1 March 2024 End of Early Registration – 14 April 2024 Deadline for receipt of amendments to accepted abstracts – 31 May 2024 Start of conference – 10 July 2024, 08.30 (GMT+1) End of conference – 11 July 2024, 18.00 (GMT+1)