"Humans and Other Animals" TEXAS PREMIERE

-> 5458 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX 75209, USA
Join director Mark DeVries for the Texas premiere of Humans and Other Animals in Dallas, then ask him anything at a live Q&A! This entertaining documentary is captivating and informative without being graphic, so it’s a perfect watch. DeVries, known for his impactful documentary Speciesism: The Movie, which reached millions of viewers worldwide, brings decades of expertise to his latest project. In the new movie, he takes viewers on an epic journey, shedding light on the pressing issues that animals face today. Humans and Other Animals includes compelling scenes filmed using custom-built equipment and never-before-attempted tactics. You’ll see breathtaking views of animals and gripping footage from investigations into powerful industries. The movie presents profound philosophical ideas that may forever change how humans view other animals—and ourselves. You’ll meet inspirational people responsible for changing humankind’s view of our fellow animals and hear what else they hope to achieve. You won’t want to miss this thoroughly entertaining, thought-provoking exploration of the fascinating similarities between humans and other animals.