Yes On J: End Factory Farming Convergence

-> Petaluma, CA, USA
IMPORTANT: If you are planning to attend the convergence in person you must register here: bit.ly/EFFC Right now, we have a time sensitive and crucial opportunity to prevent the suffering of millions of animals through Measure J that, if passed, will stop much of the factory farming in Sonoma County, affecting existing factory farms and preventing new ones. You can be a part of this important campaign and help get the measure passed by joining us in Petaluma, California for a five day convergence from Friday August 23rd to Tuesday, August 27th. The animals need our help now and we only have a limited amount of time to spread awareness and help get this measure passed. You can be a part of this important and historic campaign by joining us at the Yes on J: End Factory Farming Convergence. During this five day event you will join together with fellow animal and environmental advocates for workshops, vigils, voter outreach, protests, canvassing, and more to end factory farming in Sonoma County! This convergence is co-organized by the Coalition to End Factory Farming and Direct Action Everywhere SF Bay Area.