Super Saturday For Yes On J!

-> 112 Glacier Ct, Petaluma, CA 94954, USA
Join us for a community-driven door knocking event to encourage our neighbors to vote YES on Measure J. Whether you are a seasoned canvasser or just starting out, you will have a role in getting our neighbors to support this pro-animal ballot initiative! This critical measure aims to end factory farming in Sonoma County to protect animals, environment and public health! Why Yes On Measure J? Measure J is a vital initiative designed to: * End Cruel Practices: Factory farming subjects animals to inhumane conditions. By voting YES on Measure J, we can end the horrific treatment of animals in industrial sheds. * Protect the Environment: Factory farms contribute significantly to air/water pollution and greenhouse gases. This measure will help preserve our beautiful Sonoma County landscape. * Promote Public Health: Reducing the prevalence of factory farming can decrease the risk of zoonotic diseases from farmed animals to humans. What to Expect During the event, we will: * Gather in Petaluma: We will start with a brief training session and set up to equip you with all the necessary information and materials. * Hear from the locals: You'll hear from Sonoma County residents and why they support Measure J. * Distribute Information: You'll be provided with flyers, and talking guides to help inform voters. * Engage with the Community: As we go door-to-door, we'll have meaningful conversations with residents about the importance of voting YES on Measure J. * Support Each Other: You'll be part of a passionate team dedicated to making a difference. We will pair up volunteers to ensure safety and support throughout the event. How to Prepare * Wear Comfortable Shoes: We'll be walking quite a bit, so make sure you're ready for some exercise! * Bring Water: Stay hydrated and energized throughout the morning. * Stay Fueled Up: Snacks and plant-based food will be provided. * Dress Appropriately: Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. It should be sunny and nice weather so a hat and sunscreen are recommended. * Bring a Positive Attitude: Enthusiasm and kindness go a long way in making a positive impression. RSVP and Contact Information: Please RSVP to help us organize effectively. You can sign up through our website at www.YesOnJ.vote/volunteer. Together, we can make a difference. Join us in supporting Measure J and taking a stand against factory farming in Sonoma County! For more information about Yes On Measure J and our campaign, visit www.YesOnJ.vote Follow Us on Social Media * Facebook: coalitiontoendfactoryfarming * Twitter: @YesOnJ_ * Instagram: @endfactoryfarmingsoco Let's create a better future for Sonoma County, one door at a time!