ARCPDX Social & Community Meeting - July 2024

-> 2215 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211, USA
🌮✊ Let's get together to enjoy some authentic award-winning Mexican food, visit with some of our Pro-Animal city council candidates, chat about current ARCPDX campaigns, discuss upcoming events, and more. All are welcome. Come with your ideas! 🇲🇽 Chilango PDX is a woman-owned vegan restaurant that merges the rich flavors of their beloved Mexico City, their long-time home, with the vibrant community of Portland, their new home. In addition to creating delicious food, they are deeply committed to sustainability, fair wages, social responsibility, and supporting the vegan/AR community. https://chilangopdx.com/ 👀 You may have noticed that our meeting has been moved to the 3rd Tuesday of the month. This is because Chilango PDX has graciously offered to host our meeting on the day they are usually closed. Given the growth of our group and meetings, we are grateful to have the entire restaurant to ourselves! 🥰 Their wonderful owner Vane, recently sustained an injury and the restaurant could really use some community support right now. So please come hungry and bring a friend! Join us for the social, the meeting, or both! 🗓 Tuesday, July 16th ⏰ 6:15-8:30pm | Social @ 6:15pm, Meeting @ 7pm, Presentation/Group Discussion at 7:10pm 📍 Chilango PDX (2215 NE Alberta St, Portland) 🗣️SCHEDULE 6:30pm Socialize and order food (do not have to purchase food to attend) 7:00pm Welcome to Animal Rights Collective Portland (ARCPDX) 7:10pm PRESENTATION: "How we can build political power for animals through the upcoming Portland City Council race" with Eva Hamer, Supporting Pro-Animal Portland City Council Candidates campaign lead. The overhaul of Portland’s City Council includes new districts, a much larger council, ranked-choice voting, and a great opportunity for us to get involved in supporting some of the candidates who have animals’ best interests in mind. Learn more about our campaign and hear from some of the pro-animal candidates in the race, including Steph Roth in District 1 (www.steph4eastportland.com @steph4eastpdx), Jaime Dunphy in District 1 (www.jamiedunphy.com @jamiedunphyforPDX), and Jonathan Tasini in District 2 (www.jonathantasini.com @jonathantasiniforcitycouncil) ​7:​50pm Updates on current campaigns and upcoming events (see our full list of upcoming events here: https://www.facebook.com/arcportland/events) - OHSU Stop Using Live Pigs In OBGYN Training campaign - Adidas Stop Killing Kangaroos campaign - Book Club (last Tues of the month). June 25 & July 30 book: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer 8:05pm Open forum to discuss other ideas and local activism events and campaigns that are in line with the ARCPDX mission and guidelines - Yes on IP28 - Northwest VEG - Food & Water Watch ​8:20 Want to get more active in ARCPDX? We are looking for ongoing assistance in the following areas: - IG and FB - help with posting content and interacting on social media - LIKING, SHARING, SAVING, & INTERACTING IS SOMETHING EVERYONE CAN DO - all of these help the algorithm and visibility of community-driven groups - Event and campaign leads - Grant writing - Fundraising - Monthly newsletter (MailChimp) 8:25pm Wrap up & good-byes 🌟 Please contact Chelsea V Davis with agenda ideas or if your group would like to "co-host". 🤝 ARCPDX Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Huvz3k-v_R41Qi80iF2ZXh88RetNiBh4qQBxjVgP9RI/edit?usp=sharing 📝 Meeting Agendas & Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QI86RLYTPUjPJYYc18CrRFaEA4mEWN72hglEZ33-VTM/edit?usp=sharing